Terms and conditions for vendors

By listing products / offers / trips / business place for sale through Spectacular Routes, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions for sellers and users. The product price you publish on Spectacular Routes must be the same or lower as what you sell it for through your own business. Spectacular Routes have the right to delete products that do not follow these terms. Spectacular Routes also have the right to decline sellers.

As a seller, you are responsible for:
– Deliver a good service on incoming orders / bookings.
– The quality of your serivce.
– Good customer service.
– Respond to Messages in a timely manner.
– Handling complaints and returns.
– Correct pricing and product information.
– Any losses, costs or damages that may arise during payment or delivery of service.

Legal seller – In the collaboration between your company and Spectacular Routes, it is your company that is the legal seller and Spectacular Routes is the advertiser of the products. Thus, you are legally responsible for returns and complaints, even after a collaboration may be terminated.

As the sellers, your Terms and Conditions for your Customers must be added through store settings in your store dashboard. See “Our Terms and Conditions for Users” as an example.

As a seller, you have the opportunity to create and upload a variety of content, like products, messages, text and photos. Spectacular Routes has the right to read, edit, and delete what you upload such as products, messages, text and photos. In order to keep our community safe and respectful, you agree that you will not upload content that is:

  1. Abusive, threatening, defamatory or harassing;
  2. Obscene or vulgar;
  3. In violation of someone else’s privacy or intellectual property rights; or
  4. False, deceptive, or misleading.

Being a Seller on Spectacular Routes

You are responsible for protecting customers’ personal information you receive and you must comply with all relevant legal requirements. These laws may require that you post and comply with your own privacy policy, which must be accessible to Spectacular Routes users. Your privacy policy must be compatible with this policy and Spectacular Routes Terms of Use.
When you get an order onSpectacular Routes you receive personal information (for example, buyer name, email address, and address) and, under EU law, you are an independent controller of data relating to other users that you may have obtained through the Services. For more information on the General Data Protection Regulation, see more resources at https://gdpr-info.eu. As a data controller to the extent that you process user personal information outside of the Services, you may be required under applicable data protection and privacy laws to honor requests received from such users for data access, portability, correction, deletion, and objections to processing. Also, if you disclose personal information without the buyer’s proper consent, you are responsible for that unauthorized disclosure. This includes, for example, disclosures you make or unintentional data breaches. This information may only be used for Spectacular Routes-related communications. You may not use this information for unsolicited commercial messages or unauthorized transactions. Without the buyer’s consent, and subject to other applicable Spectacular Routes policies and laws, you may not add any Spectacular Routes members to your email or physical mailing list, use that buyer’s identity for marketing, or obtain or retain any payment information. Please bear in mind that you’re responsible for knowing the standard of consent required in any given instance. If Spectacular Routes and you are found to be joint data controllers of personal information, and if Spectacular Routes issued, fined, or otherwise incurs expenses because of something that you did in your capacity as a joint data controller of buyer personal information, you agree to indemnify Spectacular Routes for the expenses it occurs in connection with your processing of buyer personal information.

With Spectacular Routes Message system, you have the ability to communicate directly with your buyers. Messages are a great way for buyers to ask you questions about an item or an order.
Messages may not be used for the following activities:

  1. Sending unsolicited advertising or promotions, requests for donations, or spam;
  2. Harassing or abusing another customer or violating our Anti-Discrimination Policy;
  3. Contacting someone after they have explicitly asked you not to; or
  4. Interfering with a transaction or the business of another customer.
    Interference occurs when a seller intentionally interferes with another seller’s shop in order to drive away their business. Interference is strictly prohibited on Spectacular Routes. Examples of interference include:
    1. Contacting another customer via Spectacular Routes message system to warn them away from a particular seller, shop, or item;
    2. Posting in public areas to demonstrate or discuss a dispute with another seller;
    3. Purchasing from a seller for the sole purpose of leaving a negative review;
    4. Creating or using an independent buyer account to maliciously upvote another shop’s negative reviews in order to position those reviews more prominently.
  5. Any use of Spectacular Routes Messages system to harass other sellers or customers is strictly prohibited. Similarly, Messages may not be used to support or glorify hatred. If you receive a message that violates this policy, please let us know right away.
  6. Ask customers to order directly from your company instead of via Spectacular Routes.
  7. Send contact information to ask the customer to contact you outside Spectacular Routes.
  8. Send your companies website.


When you make a sale through Spectacular Routes, you will be charged a transaction fee, 7%, of the price you display for each listing.

Fee Avoidance

Any action by a seller to avoid paying a fee is considered fee avoidance and is strictly prohibited by Spectacular Routes. This includes, for example, encouraging buyers to purchase an item in your Spectacular Routes shop through another venue. A transaction initiated on Spectacular Routes may not be completed off of Spectacular Routes. The price stated in each listing description must be an accurate representation of the sale. Sellers may not alter the item’s price after a sale for the purpose of avoiding Spectacular Routes transaction fees, misrepresent the item’s location, or use another user’s account without permission.

Paying your Spectacular Routes fee

If customer payment is done through an invoice from the seller then Spectacular Routes will send an invoice to the seller after the order is compleated. If payment is made through Stripe then payment will be handled within Stripe if the seller has a Stripe account.

Spectacular Routes Payments

Spectacular Routes can accept payment by credit card, debit card and invoice from the seller. If the customer chooses Invoice from the seller then the seller is responsible to send out an invoice and take care of the payment.

If a buyer does not receive their order, they may file a case against your company.

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